4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Resume Format

Improve Your Resume Format

Advertisements and commercials go crazy when it comes to visualization and with good reason. As humans, we love to be visually stimulated. You can thank HD television for that.

So how can you make your resume look visually appealing?

I say the best way to do that is through formatting. Here are four easy steps to help give your resume a fresh, clean look:

  1. Place your name and contact info at the top. Your name should have the largest font on the whole page. You want your name to be the first thing that’s noticed!

  2. Divide the rest of your resume into sections and make the title bold and slightly larger than the regular text. My section titles are Public Relations Professional, Core Competencies, Experiences and Achievements, and Education.

  3. Use the same font throughout your resume. It would be an eyesore to change from Arial to Times New Roman and then Calibri.

  4. Keep a consistent layout. You probably have a lot of information to squeeze onto one page - business name, job title, location, how long you held a particular job - and it all should be easy to read.

There are many resources out there for resume formatting. I would ask college professors or advisors for their input, that’s what they are there for! Don’t be afraid to network or ask for assistance, most professionals will be more than happy to help you. I also recommend TopResume. They will give you a free review of your resume!