How I Spent Two Weeks Without TV, Netflix or Hulu

Say what? I didn't think it was possible to spend a couple of days without television entertainment, let alone two full weeks. But the truth is, it's been a long time coming. For a while now, I've felt least productive and bored by wasting time searching for something new to binge watch on Netflix. 

Depending on how much you rely on movies and television to take up some free time, this task may or may not be simple for you. Some of you might say, "Only 14 days? I could go an entire summer without turning on a TV." And some of you might be thinking, "I can't even go a few hours without grabbing the remote and plopping myself on the couch!" You could say I was somewhere in between these two reactions.

It took some time to prepare myself for this adventure. The most obvious thing you need to have is hobbies. Find other things to do that you're passionate about!

After two weeks, I realized I didn't need to rely on Netflix or Hulu at all to entertain myself.

Here's a list of some activities I chose to focus on instead of Netflix:

1. Made a book list.
2. Started to read some of the books from that list.
3. Updated my resume.
4. Went shopping for summer clothes.
5. Planned my trip to California (still a work in progress).
6. Studied Spanish, and reviewed vocabulary.
7. Called friends on the phone instead of texting them.
8. Sun-bathed in my backyard (with a book in hand).
9. Pinned some recipes on Pinterest.
10. Went grocery shopping for the ingredient I didn't have.
11. Started to meal prep my breakfast and lunch for my work week.
12. Learned how to make frittatas. 
13. Learned how to bake cookies from scratch.
14. Created a Skillshare account to learn more about photography.
15. Went swimming.
16. Made dinner plans with friends (that included wine, of course).
17. Hung out with my parents. (I'm in my twenties, so they're cool again!)
18. Jogged on a treadmill.
19. Took my dog for a daily walk.
20. Went to a zoo.
21. Cleaned out my bedroom, and donated old clothes and jewelry to Goodwill.
22. Went rollerblading at the park.
23. Walked on a treadmill while listening to music.
24. Participated in some Twitter chats.
25. Earned extra cash by doing freelance work.
26. Hung out at coffee shops.
27. Learned how to better budget my finances through blogs like this one.
28. Took a nap. (I don't recommend making this a frequent habit.)
29. Created a list of blog ideas.
30. Searched for images to use on Unsplash. 
31. Took plenty of photos and updated my Instagram account.
32. Went on a kayaking trip.
33. Watched the sunset.
34. Listened to podcasts.
35. Attended some events that my church was hosting (and made new friends!). 

I know what you're thinking. This is just another to-do list. 

But really, this is my own personal list of things that interest me. Things I like to do. Things that I think are more fun than watching TV. 

I highly recommend you make your own list and get to it! You'll be amazed at how fun and fulfilling it is.