Why You Need to Join PRSSA This Year

Why You Need to Join PRSSA This Semester

It's August so the new school year has begun! Whether you're a college freshmen or senior, it's never too late to get involved on campus. If you have an interest in majoring in PR, journalism, business, or marketing, then I highly recommend you consider joining PRSSA. 

What is PRSSA? It the Public Relations Student Society of America, an organization that helps students interested in PR fields develop skills needed in the industry. PRSSA is the student society that learns many aspects of PR from PRSA, the organization for public relations professionals. 

I was a member of the organization for one school year. If only I had known to join sooner! I learned so much from one year, so imagine what you could learn if you join right now. I've shared some reasons why I think you should:

You have the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills.

Every chapter has an opportunity for you to take on leadership roles. You can run for President, Vice President or any other major role that each individual chapter offers. There's also case study competitions you can join, which is a great way to work with big-name clients and meet fellow PR students. There possibilities are truly endless!

You will meet so many interesting people that can help you jumpstart your career.

From college professors to CEOs to fellow students, you will interact with people that are more than happy to give you advice, and help you enhance your education. If you're not sure where to start, you can talk to the chapter advisor or the student chapter president. 

You will make necessary connections to help you find your first internship or first job after college.

PRSSA provides an internship database where you can upload your resume, and check out what's available in your city or at your favorite company. With PRSA's job center, you will have exclusive access to PR jobs in a variety of fields. 

On several occasions I researched PRSA regional chapters that are closest to where I live, and I found many local opportunities through that, and even scored some interviews! Being part of this organization is always something interesting to mention on your cover letter or during your interview. It's a great way to break the ice!

You can earn scholarship money.

Student members are eligible to apply for scholarships. If you took on a leadership role, have good grades, and amazing writing skills, then you have a good chance at earning some extra dough to manage your student loans. It's also a great way to showcase your skills on your resume.

The annual national conference is a great learning AND networking opportunity.

In October 2014, I attended the conference in Washington D.C. There aren't enough words in the English dictionary to describe how fulfilling - and fun! - the experience was. There were so many speakers and events going on, I had a hard to fitting it all in. 

There's just something about a large group of people with a common interest getting together - they get it, and they get you. One of these days I would like to attend the conference again. The next one is in Indianapolis

Tip: If you attend the conference, bring business cards with you!

This was just the short list of the many reasons why PRSSA is a wonderful organization that has helped me and allow me to grow as a person. I couldn't be prouder for being a member, and I'm excited to see what PRSA has in store for me!

Miranda Hassen