Blog to Biz Hive - Making money out of your blog can take a lot of time. With the right strategies and implementation, it can happen sooner rather than later! This course is no joke. It teaches the basics of starting a blog, utilizing SEO tactics, growing an email list, and creating a sellable course or service. 

Pinfinite Growth - Did you know that Pinterest is a search engine that can be a potential game changer for your social media strategy? This course has been my best investment to date


Want a good read that will kick you in to high gear while making you laugh at the same time? Ed Zitron nails it with explaining all aspects of PR and how it all ties back to pitching. Once you perfect your pitch, you'll be sure to be off to a great start

If you're studying public relations, then you may have to get this book at some point for class. It teaches all the basics in PR from tactics to strategies to trends to the history of public relations. It's a bit pricey but you can also rent it! It's very resourceful so I've learned a lot from it!

Job Search

Lime Resumes - If you're unsure of how to get started looking for an internship or a job, I can tell you that the best way to get started is giving your resume a makeover. A template for a cover letter is also included with most purchases. If you want to take your professionalism a step further, you can purchase an online portfolio.